Hi! I’m Violet. I’m a 1st year PhD student advised by Professor Alexandra Ion in Interactive Structures Lab, at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute. I have also worked with Professor David Lindlbauer in Augmented Perception Lab.

I am interested in creating novel interfaces (both digital and physical) and their interactions for everyday users in the near future, going beyond the flat screen. I reflect on our daily interactions within the physical and digital domains, to push their boundaries and bring advantages of one into another.

My broad area of research is technical Human-Computer Interaction. I currently mostly work in digital fabrication and mixed reality, while also referencing knowledge from other areas, such as computer graphics, human perception, mechanical engineering, and material science.

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selected publications

  1. blendmr-preview.png
     Best Paper Award
    Violet Yinuo Han, Hyunsung Cho, Kiyosu Maeda, Alexandra Ion, and David Lindlbauer
    ACM ISS’23, Pittsburgh, PA, Nov 2023

  2. parametrichaptics-preview.png
    Violet Yinuo Han, Abena Boadi-Agyemang, Yuyu Lin, David Lindlbauer, and Alexandra Ion
    ACM UIST’23, San Francisco, CA, Nov 2023

Violet Han